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9 Real-Life Internet Dating Horror Stories That May Make You Quit OkCupid Forever

9 Real-Life Internet Dating Horror Stories That May Make You Quit OkCupid Forever

Dating apps: Can’t reside together with them, can not live without them. But really, often things go therefore wrong—like endless date by having a cringe-worthy man wrong—that you cannot help but wonder why you are from the software within the beginning.

Well, PERSONAL asked to listen to your dating horror that is app, and also you dudes responded. Here are some upsetting, embarrassing, and usually terrible internet dating stories SELF visitors experienced IRL. Therefore the the next occasion you carry on a really awful date you will understand that you aren’t alone. We are the following with you.

The man who *really* likes spreadsheets.

«we continued a four-hour (FOUR-HOUR) Tinder date having a match whom proceeded to walk me personally through the intricacies of succeed. Every time he charted their height, fat, just what he consumed that time, just what he weighed, just what he read, viewed, who he chatted to, etc. For. Four. Hours.» -Jo, 22

The cheater.

«we came across a man on Tinder and drove up to a various state simply to meet with him. Him on Facebook later that night—after we hooked up—I realized he was cheating on his girlfriend with me when I found. Perhaps Not okay!» -Ellen, 22

The creeper that is long-lost.

«a team of us went along to Miami for springtime break, where we utilized Tinder in an effort to determine locations to get each night. Certainly one of my matches, why don’t we call him Alex, seemed helpful—but and nice i never ever actually met up with him in individual. Per year later on, I have a call from Alex, asking me, stay in my house, and meet my parents if he can travel cross-country to visit. Um, no?» -Amanda, 23

The «dynamic duo.»

«I happened to be with the exact same opening line on Bumble for each and every man—’You can simply tune in to one track for the others of your life. What type can it be?’—when one of these (we are going to phone him Alan) responded, ‘Does that line in fact work they were friends who happened to be together when I messaged them both the same thing for you?’ Then another replied, ‘What Alan said.’ Apparently! I happened to be mortified, and so I blocked them—it ended up being the initial thing We could want to do.» -Veronica, 22

The guilt-tripper.

«After chatting on Tinder for a couple of months, I made the decision to seize beverages with this specific man at a regional club. I became a few hours in whenever I made a decision to phone it per night. The guy judged me personally for yawning and place two more beers in front of me—then he guilt-tripped me for ‘making him come away from their option to satisfy for such a quick date.’ a day or two later—when we hadn’t taken care of immediately some of their texts or Tinder messages—he texted me and called me away to be ‘that rude variety of girl who ghosts guys for no reason.’ Ew.» -Shauna, 23

The positively ugh-worthy.

«we utilized to utilize OkCupid, and guys who had been means older for a sugar daddy situation) than me would always message me weird things (one actually propositioned me. The other time, a man messaged me, ‘$300.00?’ That had been it. Which was their opening line. I’m very sorry, but implying I am a prostitute will probably allow you to get nowhere.» -Emily, 22

The one-upper.

«When some guy insisted that we simply tell him my SAT rating once I had been speaing frankly about my work in university admissions. We thought which was super weird and did not would you like to, but he kept asking and so I finally told him. He then produced big deal about telling me his, which ended up being 50 points greater. okay, cool, whatever. He additionally explained I work, but decided to go to a different college that he got a soccer scholarship at the school where. The day that is next seemed up his title inside our database. REJECTED by having a score that is sat below just what he’d told me!» -Jessi, 25

The man who bet on his date soulmates dating website that is own Madness-style.

«I experienced one guy bring their entire workplace to the first date it would go and didn’t trust him to be honest because they had an office pool going about how. We were sitting at a dining dining table within the living area, and we noticed a lot of individuals perched all over club, viewing us. I happened to be working at a study center for war and genocide during the time, and I also guess sufficient people in the office thought We’d be depressing that is super so that they made a workplace pool, March Madness-style. I then found out about it because We made some sort of improper laugh, and then he adopted up their laugh with, ‘You’re going to lose a lot of individuals in my own workplace a number of cash.’ we managed to get about half an hour for us (some many months in advance) until he started pointing out specific people in the bar and telling me what sort of plans he was going to make with them. We went in to the restroom, called my roomie, and had her come get me personally. Have not online-dated since.» -Christen, 27

The man with conveniently timing that is bad.

«a or two ago, I went out with a guy who actually was very nice, charming (British), and he took me on three dates year. Before telling me—during for my Wi-Fi password so he could get an Uber.» -Michelle, 24 sex—that he had a girlfriend.And then when I kicked him out, he asked me

And something bonus tale that is heartwarming the road from #teamSELF.

«we matched with a man on Bumble, so we arranged to meet up with at a restaurant that is mexican. We see him waiting outside and make an effort to quicken my speed (no body really wants to awkwardly make eye contact for the whole block)—all the whilst attempting to strut my material, needless to say. About halfway to him, i simply. autumn. Cracked footwear and every thing. Exactly what time to be alive.» -SELF’s extremely Jocelyn that is own


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