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You can say it again, in moments like this I always wonder why I am writing, but then there is nothing else about it. Not writing just is not an option, only if these ideas are in line and waiting in line. For a while I came up with about three plot ideas, and each one has something I like. Everyone seems to have their pros and cons, and I could see how to write any of them. There is nothing wrong with going back to the materials we know and love..

This type of writing is an opportunity to give your opinion and tell people what you think about a particular topic. Therefore, you need to know that you are using the correct words to convey your message…

I like number 3 the most, as the actual story I started writing started in a way and then made a turn that made my head explode. It is often a good idea to write a teasing story..

This is what will allow us to write new and unique stories. I struggle with this all the time. Really good article.

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Many of us start with the desire to write fiction because we were inspired by a great story and wanted to explore some of the same elements. But the best that any of us can bring to the writing desk is ourselves — our unique views, interests and experiences..

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