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AstroGraph Software TimePassages astrology is software for your Macintosh or Windows computer that is easy to use and fully interactive. Steven also sometimes refers to Solar Fire but mainly uses Winstar in his practice. Often, people using astromapping want to see a map that highlights the locations that are optimal for a specific life theme like marriage, career, etc.

There is also a very useful key to all of the abbreviations used in the calendar. There are also appendices too in this book that bear noting. Financial Astrology gets a section and finally there is a very interesting section on the Age of Aquarius.

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If your practice involves relocation work, you will find detailed map features and professional research options. We also recommend David Cochrane’s companion relocation book, Astrolocality Magic to assist your professional work. Advanced education and years of professional research have gone into the work at Cosmic Patterns. There are no quick or psychic fixes to advanced mathematics and research protocols that produce such work.

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Janus 5 has created theme maps that go far beyond what has been done before, such as showing lines and areas for the ruler of a house, residents in a house, and more. One new feature that most astrologers will happily use is the Calendar. First of all, it provides you with a choice of many calendars, including presets for a yearly calendar of major mundane events, a monthly natal or mundane calendar, and a daily calendar with both types of events.

We all say that the new age is coming but when will it get here? They are said to have 500 year cusp periods where the energy shifts from one sign to the previous one as is happening now as we go from Pisces to Aquarius. The fourth and last part is a well worked practical example of how to use this tool in your study of history. The authors pick the most turbulent period of our free software download sites recent history, the Second World War and show us how to use these techniques from three different points of view. Harvey does the astrological cycles that were current during the time.

As far as iPhemeris goes, well, I just left that one out all together and that was my fault–I simply forgot it was there on my phone! After going through a few test runs with it, it is promising and there are more features available with it than with Astro Gold and Time Passages Pro. I wouldn’t discount that for now if you are solely working off of your iPad or iPhone for all of your astrology calculation needs. Independent Software Enquiry Apply to be connected to a software house suitable for you.

iCloud — Use iCloudto store and share charts between all your devices & computers running iPhemeris. SIRIUS 1.1 by Cosmic Patterns provides us the advanced capabilities we need. The learning curve is not too steep and the program is intuitive and user friendly for beginners. Advanced users will experience a greater learning curve for installing and customizing a smoothly working system. But it can be done and you will get excellent customer support along the way.

Definitely by far the best freeware astrology program with an amazing selection of calculations. When you teach your clients to find a way to deal with all their concerns, they’re bound to experience internal peace. Clients feel that they’ve attained the perfect balance and stability that was previously missing from their lives. So, it’s always better for people to seek astrological advice and work their way to a more satisfying life.

Then lastly Campion gives the astrological timing of the events. I am happy to introduce you to the Prometheus astrology program from Capricorn Astrology Software.

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